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Researchers Identify the Connection Between Stroke & Gum Disease

By Newberg Family Dental | Feb 18, 2020

As Dr. McLeod has covered before in our Newberg Community Dental blog, experts know a connection exists that links our cardiovascular health to the health of our teeth and gums. However, researchers have had varying opinions about how these two seemingly disparate health conditions are linked. But now, new research may have finally uncovered why…

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Dr. McLeod

Exploring The Link Between RA and Gum Disease

By Newberg Family Dental | Feb 5, 2020

For patients of Dr. McLeod to enjoy a healthy, great-looking smile, they must avoid the common oral health problems that contribute to the development of tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, patients who want to enjoy quality health overall must also avoid these same oral health problems. That’s because a growing amount of research has…

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Dental Care Now Safer, Faster, and More Convenient Than Ever

By Newberg Family Dental | Jan 24, 2020

As the local dentist Newberg patients rely on for outstanding dental care, Dr. McLeod understands that visiting the dentist often ranks fairly low in terms of favorite activities. If you experience dental anxiety, know that you’re not alone. Millions of Americans experience some type of dental anxiety that range from a fear of needles to…

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Parents Underestimate Sugar Content in the Foods Their Kids Eat, Study Finds

By Newberg Family Dental | Dec 20, 2019

As a trusted child dentist in Newberg, Dr. McLeod advises parents on the need for their kids to eat a balanced diet. While eating too much sugar doesn’t directly lead to the development of cavities, it does provide plaque – harmful oral bacteria that’s primarily responsible for tooth decay – with plenty of fuel it…

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Dealing with Your Dental Phobia

By Newberg Family Dental | Aug 13, 2019

Family dental care in Newberg ranks as an incredibly important part of helping patients maintain and improve the health of their smiles. However, despite the many benefits offered by receiving regular family dental care in Newberg, many people actively avoid dental care due to experiencing dental phobia. Also commonly referred to as a fear of…

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Dr. McLeod | Dentist in Newberg Oreogn

Save Your Smile and Stop Smoking

By Newberg Family Dental | May 30, 2019

  Smoking ranks as the worst habit you can have, and the effects smoking has on your oral health often lead to serious problems. Not only does smoking contribute to a number of cardiovascular and lung problems, the habit also leads to the development of lesions in the mouth and greatly increases your risk for…

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Gum Disease Linked to the Development of Diabetes

By Newberg Family Dental | Dec 26, 2018

You don’t need to be a local dentist in Newberg to understand that our oral health plays a significant role in determining our overall health. In recent years, a growing amount of research has found compelling associations that link common oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease to an increased risk for such…

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The Surprising Impact Everyday Lifestyle Choices Can Have On Oral Health

By Newberg Family Dental | May 29, 2018

Most patients have received tips on how to maintain and improve their oral health from a dentist over the years, so perhaps you might think that you know it all. For example, you probably know that regular flossing and brushing twice a day will help in the fight of tooth decay. But here at Newberg Family…

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Surprising Ways Your Diet Can Contribute to Bad Breath

By Newberg Family Dental | Feb 22, 2018

You don’t need to be a provider of family dental care in Newberg to know that if you eat a lunch that consists of pickled liverwurst and onions most of your coworkers are going to prefer talking on the phone rather than having any conversations face-to-face. But what are the causes of bad breath that…

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