Restorative Dental Care

Your teeth rank as the toughest and most durable part of the body. However, a lifetime of use, wear, and decay can cause a once resilient smile to suffer some damage. Cracked, chipped, broken, or decayed teeth can seriously threaten your long-term oral and overall health. Not only do these types of oral health problems cause serious discomfort, but they also place additional strain on your jaw and surrounding teeth that can increase your risk of future problems.

For patients who need restorative dental care, Dr. Jennifer McLeod and her team at Newberg Family Dental offers the latest techniques, tools, and services to help eliminate tooth-related pain and get your teeth and gums back to normal health! Get the best dental care, Newberg, Oregon has to offer!

New and Replacement Fillings

A filling offers Dr. McLeod the ability to repair a tooth damaged by decay and restore it back to its natural form and function. When Dr. McLeod places a filling, she first removes the decayed tooth structure, cleans the area impacted by the decay, before finally filling the now cleaned out cavity with a filling.

By eliminating the space where bacteria can enter, a filling helps to reduce the risk of future decay. Many different materials can be utilized (i.e. amalgam or “silver” material, gold, tooth-colored composite, etc.) as a filling depending on the location of the cavity and the aesthetic desires of the patient.

If the damage caused by decay has affected a large portion of the tooth, Dr. McLeod may recommend the placement of a cap or crown. Decay that has reached the root of a tooth can be treated either through root canal therapy or dental implant.


Missing teeth? With dental implants, we are able to restore your smile and aid you in gaining confidence with your smile.

Unlike dentures, dental implants don’t just give the illusion that your teeth are natural – because they’re a part of your jaw, they can feel like natural teeth, too.

Restorative Care

If you experience pain when chewing or have cracked or missing teeth, we can help with restorative dental services:

  • New and Replacement Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Partials
  • Dentures
  • Implants

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