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Study Finds Treatment for Gum Disease Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

By Newberg Family Dental | Aug 8, 2017

When it comes to receiving quality dental care in Newberg, Oregon, it’s become clear that what happens in our mouths greatly impacts our bodies as a whole. As more research continues to explore the connection between mouth and body, studies have found a number of chronic health conditions that have direct links to oral disease.…

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E-Cigarettes Use Finally on the Decline Among Kids

By Newberg Family Dental | Jul 18, 2017

Your Newberg dentist always takes the time to remind patients just how dangerous smoking is to their long-term oral health. Not only does smoking increase the risk of oral cancer and tooth loss, the habit also contributes to chronic bad breath, an increased risk of gum disease, and tooth discoloration. Fortunately, over the last 30…

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Fewer Patients Missing Work Due to Oral Health Problems

By Newberg Family Dental | Jun 14, 2017

At your Newberg family dental practice, Dr. McLeod understands that taking time off of work or away from school to visit the dentist can be a big burden on our patient’s already busy schedules. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling to make it easier for our patients to find a time convenient for them to…

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Study Finds Chewing May Be the Key to Better Health

By Newberg Family Dental | May 5, 2017

While receiving regular dental care from your Newberg dentist offers a number of health benefits for your body, a new study suggests that we can also improve our health by taking a little longer to chew our food. In the study, researchers from the University of Manchester found that mastication – a technical term for…

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Does Brushing Affect Your Appetite?

By Newberg Family Dental | Apr 13, 2017

At our Newberg family dental care practice, Dr. McLeod strives to help patients understand that brushing – along with flossing – ranks as the best way to protect your teeth from the long-term damage caused by tooth decay. Brushing regularly works to remove plaque from the surface of our teeth before the harmful biofilm can…

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Are Social Networks the Key to Better Oral Health?

By Newberg Family Dental | Feb 17, 2017

Your dentist in Newberg isn’t the only person who influences how you tend to your oral health. Your family and friends also play a role as well. That’s the conclusion of a recent study conducted by researchers at Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. In 2008, researchers at BU’s Center for Research…

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Can Our Teeth Repair Themselves?

By Newberg Family Dental | Jan 22, 2017

Teeth might one day repair themselves using their own stem cells, all but eliminating the need for Newberg dental care patients to receive fillings, reports the results of a new study. While still in the laboratory stage, a new method tested in mice indicates that a drug called Tideglusib can actually stimulate teeth into self-repairing…

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Don't Waste Your Remaining Dental Benefits

By Newberg Family Dental | Dec 12, 2016

While scheduling one last visit to see your family dentist in Newberg may not be at the top of your holiday schedule, there’s a very good reason why you should consider finding the time – you could be wasting a lot of money. The last few weeks of the year are full of activities that…

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Smokeless Tobacco Just As Harmful As Cigarettes

By Newberg Family Dental | Nov 9, 2016

By now you don’t need Newberg, OR dentist Dr. Jennifer McLeod to tell you just how dangerous tobacco use is to both your long-term oral and overall health. Many Americans have already gotten the message, which is why the number of smokers continues to drop each year. In 1965, 44 percent of American adults smoked, according the…

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