Kid's Dentistry

With Newberg Family Dental, Dr. Jennifer McLeod and her staff think that dental care should start early in every child's life so that they have the best possible dental health and lifelong dental experience. We aim to be the best kids dentist Newberg has to offer, and our many happy patients will attest to how much we care.

We often get asked how parents can help their children with dental care, so we have some Frequently Asked Questions below to help guide you and your kids.

When should I schedule my first dental appointment for my child?

At Newberg Family Dental we recommend that the your child's first visit to our office be at age one, but if there are any issues or concerns, we encourage you to contact us. The first visit will introduce your child to the dental office and its procedures, and help create a positive association with the dentist's office that can last a lifetime.

When do kids lose their first teeth?

Usually the first baby (or primary) tooth is lost when your child is around six, but this can vary depending on each child and their dental development, so it can be anywhere between age five and eight.

Can I join my child in the dental treatment room?

Of course! While some children may do better without a parent present, we understand that children may need to be reassured by having you near them during your visit. At Newberg Family Dental we want you to be able to choose whatever is the best fit for your family and your situation.

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