Did Your Child Knock a Tooth Out? Here's What To Do!

As kids tend to live life at full speed, accidents are bound to happen, especially when it comes to physical injuries. Dentist in Newberg OR Dr. Jennifer McLeod and her team at Newberg Family Dental get phone calls from frantic parents throughout the year about accidents involving baby or permanent teeth getting knocked out.

At Newberg Family Dental, we treat these calls very seriously, as time is of the essence – the sooner we can see the child after a tooth is knocked out, the more successfully we can treat the tooth.

Evaluate Your Child’s Well-Being

If a child has knocked one or more teeth out, it’s important to take a moment to ensure that the missing tooth is the most serious injury. A tooth that has been knocked out can mean that your child has head or facial injuries that are more serious. Check your child’s face and head to make sure there isn’t a more intense injury.

If the Permanent Tooth is Knocked Out

Once deciding that the missing permanent tooth is the most serious situation you’re facing, it’s essential to find the tooth as soon as possible. Rinse the tooth with water as needed, but do not scrub any of its surfaces.

If the tooth is partially knocked out of the socket, push the tooth back into the socket in the proper alignment with gentle but firm pressure. If this is done immediately, there is usually minimal discomfort to your child. Once this has been completed, have your child hold the tooth in place and immediately call Dr. McLeod at Newberg Family Dental at 503.538.7717.

If the tooth is completely knocked out of the mouth, do the following:

1. Hold the tooth by the crown of the tooth, not the root.
2. Gently rinse under water, without scrubbing the root.
3. With firm finger pressure insert the tooth back in the socket and immediately call Dr. McLeod at Newberg Family Dental at 503.538.7717.

If you cannot re-implant the tooth back into the socket, transport the tooth in milk or saliva to Newberg Family Dental immediately and have Dr. McLeod replace the tooth in the mouth. Dr. McLeod and her team will want to see you immediately and splint the tooth in place.

Healing from Tooth Injury

Once the permanent tooth has been treated, Dr. McLeod will want to see the child for a follow up visit to determine the next steps for treatment.  The tooth will then be monitored at regular dental check-ups for your child’s best overall dental health!

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