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Teeth Can Help Solve Health Mysteries

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then teeth can be the windows to the state of your overall health. Dr. Jennifer McLeod, dentist in Newberg, encourages her patients to tune in to anything unusual they notice about their teeth and gums, and to make an appointment to discuss any health concerns. Less common…

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Fun and Unique Dental Facts

Contemplating a visit to the dentist may not be your first choice, but caring for your teeth is essential to good overall dental health. Plus, general dentist in Newberg OR Dr. Jennifer McLeod and her team at Newberg Family Dental believe that a visit to their office doesn’t have to be drudgery! These fun and…

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Did Your Child Knock a Tooth Out? Here's What To Do!

As kids tend to live life at full speed, accidents are bound to happen, especially when it comes to physical injuries. Dentist in Newberg OR Dr. Jennifer McLeod and her team at Newberg Family Dental get phone calls from frantic parents throughout the year about accidents involving baby or permanent teeth getting knocked out. At…

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Why Are My Gums Receding?

Gum recession is a common dental problem that we treat at Newberg Family Dental.┬áIf you look in the mirror and see that one tooth looks longer than another, or if you have teeth that are becoming especially sensitive, you may be at the beginning of gum recession. Gum recession, or when gum tissue begins to…

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