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Tips For Introducing Solids Into Your Baby's Diet

By Newberg Family Dental | Aug 17, 2015

At Newberg Community Dental, Newberg dentist Dr. Jennifer McLeod and our staff understand that a lot of information gets thrown at first time parents that can make it difficult to know what types of food your infant should be eating by a certain age. While every baby will have his or her own unique schedule…

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Another Potential Oral/Systemic Health Connection: Prostatitis.

By Newberg Family Dental | Jul 15, 2015

Dr. Jennifer McLeod is the dentist Newberg Oregon chooses first for a host of reasons, and one of them is her commitment to whole-body health. We at Newberg Family Dental are well aware of the growing body of research drawing connections between your oral health and the health of the rest of your body. So…

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Xylitol and Your Dental Health

By Newberg Family Dental | May 11, 2015

After years of hearing how bad gum is for your teeth, are you ever surprised to see the ADA recommended chewing gums for sale alongside candy bars while you’re waiting to check out at the grocery store? Chewing gum that contains the sweetener xylitol has been recommended by dental organizations because it presents potential oral…

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Proteins and Periodontitis: Delving Into the Cause of Bone Loss

By Newberg Family Dental | May 8, 2015

Gum disease is one of the most widespread afflictions plaguing people across the world, on every continent. While mild forms, like gingivitis, may be logged in personal experience as more of a simple annoyance– bleeding, discomfort, redness– and can be reversed by stepping up one’s oral hygiene practices, serious gum disease, like periodontitis, has real…

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Spring Allergies and Your Smile

By Newberg Family Dental | Apr 28, 2015

After what seems like 11 months of rain, Northwesterners are eager for sun and spring– we can’t wait to get out and hike, or dig in our gardens again. But there’s a very common side effect to spring– one that your dentist in Newberg OR is on the lookout for: seasonal allergies. In fertile Oregon,…

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New Research Highlights the Link Between Periodontitis and Heart Disease

By Newberg Family Dental | Apr 24, 2015

The connection between cardiovascular disease and periodontitis has been talked about quite a bit in recent scientific and dental health circles. Researchers have found that patients with cardiovascular disease are far more likely to have some form of gum disease as well. Now they’re studying the link further to learn more about the exact causes…

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Great Dental Health During Pregnancy

By Newberg Family Dental | Apr 20, 2015

Your dentist in Newberg, Oregon knows that pregnancy can be one of the most exciting– and maybe busy– times in the lives of families. First babies and new additions bring a whirlwind of activity, joy, and discovery. With all the goings on of pregnancy, it’s understandable that your oral health might not be at the…

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Is Your Periodontal Health Affecting Your Kidneys?

By Newberg Family Dental | Apr 10, 2015

Scientists have long been seeing the connection between diseases of the mouth and those of the rest of the body. This can be critical for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Why? Well, one of the major risk factors in chronic kidney disease is the development of cardiovascular disease. Kidney disease can lead to imbalances…

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Celebrate Nutrition With Home Cooking

By Newberg Family Dental | Mar 15, 2015

March is National Nutrition Month. At this time, when the nation’s eye turns to eating for wellness, your Newberg dentist, Dr. McLeod, likes to reflect on the enormous impact that healthy eating has on your dental health— and how we can support this healthy eating.  Your food, your teeth The food you eat provides vitamins…

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