The Surprising Impact Everyday Lifestyle Choices Can Have On Oral Health

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Most patients have received tips on how to maintain and improve their oral health from a dentist over the years, so perhaps you might think that you know it all. For example, you probably know that regular flossing and brushing twice a day will help in the fight of tooth decay. But here at Newberg Family Dental , your best choice for dentistry in Newberg, Oregon , we want our patients to have all the up-to-date facts and information possible.

Many of the daily lifestyle choices we make can have a lasting impact on the longevity of our teeth and gums, beyond just making sure that we are brushing and flossing everyday. The recommendations and important information provided by the American Dental Association shines new light on the possible changes that affect oral health and the support for things you already know.

Brushing Isn’t Enough

The ADA still recommends brushing twice a day, but they also believe that patients should use a fluoride toothpaste, especially children and teens. Studies have shown that the use of fluoride toothpaste significantly reduced dental carries from 31% to 16% with regular use.

Fluoride toothpaste is available over-the-counter and also with a prescription if patients are at a higher risk for cavities and oral health issues. Prescription strength toothpaste has a much higher fluoride count to offer additional protection against cavities and decay.

The ADA also recommends taking your time when brushing to better ensure you clean all of those hard to reach areas of the mouth. By spending at least two minutes thoroughly cleaning each time you brush, you can greatly reduce the risk for dental carries, plaque and gingivitis. Unfortunately, most people only brush for about one minute, a quarter amount of the time recommended by the ADA (two minutes in the morning and again before bed), brushing daily.

To give your teeth the attention they deserve, you need to spend the right amount of time brushing everyday. By dividing up the two minute into thirty second intervals per quadrant (each section of teeth) inside the mouth you can help protect your teeth and smile from the effects of decay.

Of course there are some areas of the mouth a tooth brush cannot reach, such as between our teeth and  below the gum line. Food and bacteria from inside the mouth can build during the day, so flossing will help to reduce the amount of leftover food and other harmful particles in-between your teeth before the next time you brush.

The Truth About Oral Piercings

Oral piercings have become a large part of our culture over the years, but what people may not know is how they can greatly affect their oral health.

Long-term use of barbell type tongue jewelry inside the mouth can cause receding gums, chipped teeth, and even gum disease.

Patients who have oral piercings tend to bite the barbell metal which results in teeth chipping, and the length of the metal stems holding the barbell in place rubs against the mouth, tongue and gums, causing great damage to teeth and oral tissue.

The Importance Of Cutting Down On Sugar And Caffeine

We all know that lowering your sugar intake will help reduce the risk of cavities and oral health issues, but sometimes this is easier said than done for many patients.

The idea is to avoid foods, beverages and products that contain high levels of artificially added sugar. This means reducing the consumption of items like candy, chocolate, and soda, which can stain teeth and eat away at tooth enamel.

One recent study even found that caffeine may alter how we perceive the taste of sugar and may make our sugar cravings even stronger.

Newberg Family Dental Will Get You The Care You Need!

The ADA also recommends regular visits to your dentist for preventative care exams, x-rays and cleanings to treat and alleviate problems before they happen. Dental Carries are not the only problems patients should worry about, since oral disease is quite common and can be even more serious than many people might believe.

Oral cancer and esophageal problems are no joke, so that is why Dr. McLeod and her staff here at Newberg Family Dental has the latest in dental technology and preventative services to diagnose and treat oral health care problems before they happen in the first place.