Giving Away Free Check Ups and X-rays to All Pregnant Women

New research shows mothers could be crippling their children – but our Doctor is setting out to change that.

A new study conducted by the Advantage Dental Group, revealed that 30% of pregnant women get periodontal disease, and most can pass this on to their unborn children.

When a baby is born to a mother who has gum disease or cavities, the bacteria is passed on to the child. This can result in poor oral health for the child throughout their life. “We call these children dental cripples, because children are infected at birth when the bacteria gets into the body, which means the child’s resistance is never established.” Says, Doctor Jennifer McLeod.

This means that pregnant mothers who have cavities or periodontal disease are at risk for birthing an unhealthy baby. The child is born into a bacteria infected environment and they will become crippled for life. This consistent information has created a paradigm shift in the way oral health professionals treat expecting mothers.

In response to this information, Doctor McLeod has created a public awareness campaign that includes education, participation and follows up with pregnant mothers. She is giving all pregnant women FREE dental exams and X-Rays* to ensure they have a healthy baby.

“The problem is most mothers don’t realize that they can be proactive and help prevent an unhealthy child from being born. Our biggest priority is helping mothers raise healthy children. We are happy to give Free exams away if it means mothers will be healthier,” says Doctor McLeod.

The dental visits include educating the mothers, and getting rid of gum disease and cavities before the child is born. After the child is born, Dr. McLeod gives her patients Xylitol gum, to help keep unwanted bacteria away.

The two-year study, reveled that children who were born to mothers with our bacteria present had a 100% of gum disease free mouth.

*For full details about awareness campaign and Free exams details call us today. 

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