Anchor That Loose Denture

Trouble with Tooth Dentures? Here are some tips to improve comfort.

Some denture-wearers are blessed with dentures that are easily worn due to an ample amount of ridge to support the dentures. Others have lost most of the ridges that support the dentures and fight a daily battle to function with loose, uncomfortable dentures.

Imagine if your denture could snap into place, resist coming loose when eating, and feel solid when you are chewing. Hard to imagine? It is part of what dentistry can do today. There are several ways to do this.

The easiest is to keep some of the teeth when extracting the teeth prior to fabrication of the initial dentures. These teeth are shortened, and an attachment is added to the top of the tooth. This attachment looks like the male part of a snap (like the snap on a western shirt). A female portion is placed on the underside of the denture. When the denture is place in the mouth, it snaps into place, and feels solid since it rides on the teeth. The snaps also help keep it in place when eating.

Have all of your teeth have been extracted? No worries. The same type of attachment can mounted on implants placed in the bone. For even more security, a bar can be spanned from implant to implant to support the denture. The bar gives the maximum support and retention for the denture.

All of these denture-fitting techniques work to make a denture work more like natural teeth. If you wear dentures and wish for improved comfort when eating and chewing please feel free to ask us what can be done to help your situation.

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