Summertime Tasks With Kids

happy kid child dentist appointmentThe idea of summertime “tasks” might seem inconsistent with the image of lazing around during a warm, sunny afternoon in the hammock while the kids play in the yard. However, Newberg dentist Dr. Jennifer McLeod and her team at Newberg Family Dental encourage patients who are parents to take advantage of the relaxed summer schedule to get some important stuff done with their kids while they have the time.

Create a Summer Routine

For a week or so, you and your kids may be happy to lounge around. A couple of weeks into endless summer days, however, and the kids may be bickering and saying those dreaded words, “I’m bored.”

Be proactive against this tendency by setting up a summer routine and calendar for the family. Parts of the routine could include getting up by a certain time, snack times, specific times for TV and electronics use, opportunities for physical activity, running errands, summer camp opportunities, fun family time together and important skill builders like Summer Reading programs at the local library.

A summer routine may not sound like fun when you start, but the solid routine will help everyone feel secure and happy during this break from the school routine.

Look for Bargains on School Supplies

To avoid the end of the summer rush at your local department stores, start shopping with your kids now for school supplies for the upcoming year. Make sure you have the school supply lists for each child, then do an inventory of the leftover school supplies you might have around the house that can be reused.

Once you have an idea of what your kids will need for the upcoming school year, start shopping the ads in the Sunday paper each week and make the school supply shopping a part of the routine errands or shopping trips you do already. This is a convenient and easy way to prepare without breaking your budget of time or money.

Encourage Summer Reading

Summer reading with kids is an effortless way to spend time together while helping your children retain important skills while they’re out of school. Make weekly trips to the library part of your summer routine, as well as daily blocks of time for reading. This down time is an opportunity for everyone in your household to relax each day while enjoying a good book!

Schedule Important Appointments

Summer is a great time to get your kids taken care of while there’s no worry of them missing school. Call up the pediatrician’s office to make appointments with your child’s doctor for a physical, and don’t forget required vaccinations. Schedule time now for haircuts before school starts and, of course, an appointment to the dentist for a teeth cleaning and exam. At Newberg Family Dental, we can make these appointments as convenient as possible! Call us at (503) 278-4281 to schedule a block of time, and we’ll take care of the whole family in one fell swoop!