Halloween Safety Poem!

Many of you are probably planning on trick or treating in the community of Newberg on Halloween night! Newberg, Oregon dentist Dr. Jennifer McLeod and her staff at Newberg Family Dental want to encourage you to come in and try out your costume before you wear it “for real” on Halloween – come in and get your picture taken or post your photo on our Facebook page to be entered to win a digital camera!

Once you’ve entered our costume contest, you’ll be set for Halloween night! This fun acrostic poem will help you remember how to be safe while trick or treating as well as with all of that candy afterwards.

 – Have an adult accompany a group of trick or treaters as they visit homes in the community. Traveling in a group is more fun and provides safety in numbers!


 – Allow for the possibility of cold weather by having kids dress in layers underneath their costumes. This will help keep everyone warm!


 – Light up the night with glow sticks or flashlights for each trick or treater. Consider adding reflective tape to the backs of each child’s costume.


 – Look for traffic as you travel with your trick or treaters around the neighborhood. Be aware of any cars driving through crowds of kids as they gather their candy!


 – Only walk on the sides of streets facing traffic, or on sidewalks whenever possible.


– Wear costumes and masks that fit well and are colorful when possible. This will keep trick or treaters from tripping and falling while out and about!


– Eat store-bought candy and treats, avoiding any that are open or home-made goodies from strangers.


– Enjoy a limited amount of candy and other sugary treats once trick or treating is over. Pick out ten favorites, then put the rest in the freezer or donate it to a good cause!


 – NEVER FORGET TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH AFTER TRICK OR TREATING! Sugars love to stick around and bacteria take advantage of them to create plaque that leads to cavities. 

 Have a Wonderful Halloween!