Cosmetic Dental Fillings Offer a More Natural Smile

For years, dentists have been seeking tooth-filling materials that look more natural and last well in the mouth. Each year, new dental materials and cosmetic techniques are developed that enables us to provide patients with cosmetic dental treatment options that look better and last longer.

Today’s composite fillings are a blend of plastic and glass particles (for strength), colored to blend with the teeth. The composite fillings can be bonded to the teeth for strength and are usually cured with a bright light for less than a minute until they are hardened. The bonding agents also help the fillings to achieve a better seal around their edges, which prevents leakage and future cavities. The composite filling materials can be polished to a high level, and when the color is matched correctly, will blend and virtually disappear in the surrounding tooth.

The composite fillings can be used to replace broken corners of teeth. The dental fillings are bonded, sculpted, shaped and polished for a completely natural appearance. The resulting repairs are a much more conservative and cost effective answer to a broken front tooth than placing a crown.

The most exciting use of these composite filling materials is in their use to replace silver fillings in the back teeth. The end result no longer has the darkened color from the old silver fillings and leaves a younger, more natural look.

Make an appointment to learn how our modern cosmetic dental care techniques will make your teeth look more natural … and with longer-lasting results!