Closing Front Tooth Gaps

Closing Front Tooth Gaps

One of the common dentistry cosmetic requests that dentists hear is “What can you do to fill the gaps on my front teeth?”

Gaps between upper front teeth (called diastemas) can be caused by teeth that are normal, but smaller than average, misshapen teeth or misalignments. With the newer dental materials and techniques, it is actually quite simple to bond tooth colored materials to the teeth to fill in the gaps.

Plastic composite filling materials can be bonded to the tooth and shaped to look perfectly natural in the mouth. It is an easy process, usually without numbing being necessary. If the shade of the composite is chosen well, the bonded filling will blend in and look very natural, giving a beautiful natural result.

Perhaps the nicest result can be achieved using either porcelain or a ceramic veneer to cover the front surface of the tooth. Less prone to staining and wear, they will allow the dentist to have more control with the shape and coloration of the final result. The ceramic materials show great promise; they are as strong as metal, but have a natural appearance of enamel.

Cosmetic dentistry has become a fun process, enabling the dentist to solve a multitude of cosmetic dental care challenges to help make your smile brighter! Ask us … we love to help.

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