New Type of Implant Increases Success Rate in Patients

dental implants in Newberg.

New Type of Implant Increases Success Rate in Patients   For millions of patients who’ve lost one or more of their natural teeth, dental implants offer a life-changing alternative to tooth loss. At our family dental office, Dr. McLeod has helped to improve the smiles of many of her patients through the placement of dental…

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Gum Disease Treatment Can Improve Obesity

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Gum Disease Treatment Can Improve Obesity   As patients of a Newberg Family Dentist, Dr. Jennifer McLeod know, the state of your oral health can significantly impact your overall health. Obesity has been linked to poor gum health, according to a recent literature review on the relationship between gum disease and obesity. Additionally, treatment for…

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Gum Disease Linked to Increased Cardiovascular Risk

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At our Newberg dental practice, Dr. McLeod strives to provide our patients with the knowledge they need to enjoy a healthy, great-looking smile for a lifetime. As we’ve covered before in our blog, a direct connection exists that links the health of our teeth and gums to our overall health. In fact, people with periodontitis,…

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Why Senior Dental Care in Newberg Really Matters

senior dental care in Newberg

With May serving as Older Americans Month, our team at Newberg Family Dental thought now would make the perfect time to discuss the importance of senior dental care in Newberg. As we grow older, it becomes perfectly natural that some things gradually take on less importance. For many seniors, especially those in assisted living homes,…

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