Best Summer Foods For Your Teeth

Breakfast fruit in colorful bowl Summer is a time where we tend to focus on how we might look in a bathing suit while we beat the heat. No matter what your goals are for summer health, Newberg Dentist Dr. Jennifer McLeod and her staff at Newberg Family Dental encourage patients to eat healthy foods during the summer to maintain good dental health.

The term “healthy foods” might sound limiting, but fortunately summer offers a long list of delicious ways to keep our smile healthy with a satisfied appetite!

Green Tea Instead of Coffee

Hot or cold, green tea makes a refreshing and healthy drink regardless of the time of day. Replace your morning cup of coffee with a one of green tea to help improve your concentration and strengthen your teeth. Green tea is also known to naturally detox the body, providing an opportunity to stay in good health during the summer months. Spice up your green tea with lemon, mint or locally harvested honey for a delicious alternative.

Ginger for Stress Relief

Ginger is known to provide a variety of health benefits. It can help reduce stress and cure an upset stomach. Often used by travelers, ginger can also help with seasickness or motion sickness. Ginger-flavored toothpaste can help get your morning off to a good start. Use ginger in your recipes, or opt for ginger gum, mints, and sugar-free candy to keep your smile fresh.

Going Green for Dental Health

Going green isn’t just about the environment, it also applies to good dental health. Try to Go Green during each meal to improve your oral health, supplementing leafy greens such as collard greens, spinach and kale. High in fiber and vitamins, these crunchy greens help clean your mouth naturally, “brushing” away plaque and toxins while you eat. Whether you choose a fruit or a vegetable, opt for the all-natural green choice with each meal!

A Berrylicious Summer

Summer time is all about berries: strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to name a few varieties. Loaded with free radicals and vitamin C, berries can provide the nutrition you need, improving memory and helping your body to naturally fight flu and infections. Berries also have the advantage of being fresh and delicious, helping us to curb our sweet tooth and satisfying cravings for sweets.

While you’re enjoying these bright summer days and relaxing, warm evenings, dentist in Newberg, OR Dr. Jennifer McLeod and her staff encourage you to take good care of your teeth. Call us at (503) 278-4281 to schedule an appointment with Newberg dentist Dr. McLeod and her team at Newberg Family Dental.

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