A Beautiful Smile Is Priceless

Did you know that the first impressions we make on those we meet are greatly influenced by our smiles? And the appearance of our smile will also shape our self esteem and confidence.

The beauty of our smile is influenced by the shape, color and size of our teeth. Stained, cracked, overlapped teeth, cavities, gaps between the teeth, and missing teeth all detract from our smiles. The good news is that with modern technology and improved materials, these problems with the smile cam be vastly improved to leave an attractive and long lasting result.

Each person must be individually evaluated to develop a plan of treatment. Factors such as the bite, shape of the teeth, space available, health of the gums, patient’s desires, and severity of the
problem all influence the treatment plan.

The choices of treatment may include tooth whitening or teeth bleaching. Misshaped teeth can be improved with tooth colored composite fillings or veneers, porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns. These different treatments vary in longevity, time involved and cost.

If you are no longer happy with the appearance of your smile, or wonder if you are a good candidate for these procedures, a cosmetic consultation will give you the answers.