Study Finds Parents Starting Children on Solids Too Soon

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Experts in the field of child development advise parents to avoid introducing solid foods, such as cereal, into an infant’s diet until their child reaches between the ages of four to six months. However despite this recommendation, a new study suggest that approximately 40 percent of parents start their babies on solid food at too…

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Dealing with TMD

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Temporomandibular disorders refer to a variety of problems that cause pain and for the jaw joint to function poorly. These types of conditions are also known as TMD, or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders, and can range from a mild nuisance to a life-altering problem. In less severe cases, TMD can cause shooting pains throughout the…

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Adults Commonly Suffer From Sensitive Teeth

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If you occasionally receive a pang of pain in your mouth after drinking or eating something hot or cold, you do not suffer alone. A new survey of dentists across the U.S. has found that roughly one out of every eight people suffer from sensitive teeth. Cases of tooth sensitivity were most commonly reported in…

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